One of the best days for kids in Haiti is the first day of school!

It’s an especially fantastic day in Haiti because it’s the first day that they get to be back with their friends.  Some of the kids can’t sleep the night before and can’t wait for the day to come.  After two months of summer vacation, they can’t wait to show off their beautiful new uniform, shoes and backpack.

In the street that day are many kids with all different colors of school uniforms, and with new shoes and backpacks full of books and school supplies. Some of the kids come to school with a new watch or glasses they got over the vacation, and they are very excited to show off these beautiful new things to their classmates.  The girls’ hair is full of barrettes and the boys have cut or shaved their hair to look nice.  They are so happy when their friends or others notice these changes and compliment them. There is a lot of joy in the street.

The school is busy, filled with conversations as the students share with each other what they did over the vacation – whether they went to visit family in the countryside or took part in different activities.  They tell each other what their hopes and dreams are for this year, and remind each other what their grades were the last year.

During their morning break, they go together to buy and share food with each other.  They are excited to meet their new teachers and happy to see their old teachers and talk with them.

School is so important for a country to be able to move forward.  Each child who goes to school makes the country happy, because the children are happy.

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