We Are Making A Difference – Sponsor Spotlight

It takes a team of people working together to send over 700 children to school. Our sponsors are an integral part of that team. There are close to 400 people who have stepped up to support children in Haiti, providing them with tuition, books, uniforms and child advocates. Two of those people are Jim and Norma Osterhouse! Learn a little bit about them and find out what made them decided to become sponsors.

  1. What state do you live in?  What makes your state unique?
    We live in Maryland, and have learned a lot about watermen, oysters, and crabs since living here. Also about how the Chesapeake Bay needs to be revitalized.
  2. Tell us a little bit about yourself!
    Jim is a retired minister and Norma is a retired RN. We are both very active in volunteering at our church and in our community. We live in a Continuing Care Retirement Community, moving here to live closer to our son and family. We have four grandchildren, two in Maryland and two in Minnesota.
  3. How did you hear about Restavek Freedom?
    We heard about Restavek Freedom at Calvary Church in Holland, MI when we lived there.
  4. What made you decide to sponsor a child through Restavek Freedom?
    We were challenged at Calvary to invest in a child. We also read a book about the life of one person who was a restavek. It made us aware of the life these children were living, and we wanted to help at least one child.
  5. What do you like best about being a sponsor through Restavek Freedom?
    To see our child start out looking sad but overtime seeing the smile appear on her face, knowing we are making a difference in one child’s life. We appreciate the updates so we know what is happening.
  6. How do you spread awareness about the restavek situation with others?
    Whenever we have the opportunity we tell others about the restavek situation in Haiti.


Thank you, Jim and Norma, for your commitment to helping children living in restavek!


Would you like get involved and become a sponsor? Visit our website at restavekfreedom.org/sponsor.


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