Samuel is a smart boy who entered Restavek Freedom (RF)’s Child Advocacy program in November 2011. When he started, he was in he was in 3rd grade.  He has worked hard and now he is in 8th grade!  Each week I meet with him and we talk about many things. As we talk, I realize that he has both mentally and physically changed because of the program.

In summer 2016, RF organized a summer camp at Samuel’s school. Students who attended did many things. They played games, received tutoring, made arts and crafts, sang, and made new friends. Samuel’s favorite activity was learning different crafts, like how to make bracelets, sandals, plastics flowers, and plastics curtains. He took what he learned and now makes plastic curtains to sell to restaurants near where he lives!

Because of all the positive changes in his life, he decided he wanted to change his name from Samuel to “Success.” When I asked him why, he said: “I change my name because my future is sure and I will have a bright future and I also will be no longer living in Restavek.”

As his advocate, I understand why he says that. I know it is because of what we are doing at Restavek Freedom. I know that every single thing we do has a positive impact on children’s lives. We are doing it to put an end to child slavery in Haiti, and I believe we will end the restavek system in our lifetime.

Yes, we will keep working to end child slavery in Haiti.


Daniel FONTIL, Child Advocate/Restavek freedon foundation.