Restavek Freedom exists to see the end of child slavery in Haiti in our lifetime. Our Haitian-led team tirelessly works to end restavek, a modern-day form of child slavery. Children are sent from their rural homes to work for families in the urban parts of Haiti. They aren’t given an education or a community. We hear stories of restavek children who cook dinner for their host family, only to eat alone in isolation. Restavek has long existed in Haiti, and requires the community’s support to see its end. Restavek Freedom operates throughout all of Haiti to help educate, support and inspire community members toward a restavek-free world. As our on-the-ground work continues, there is always room for those outside of Haiti to support this mission and help end human trafficking. Donations can be made through our website and are tax deductible. Here are 6 Ways to Raise Funds to End Child Slavery in Haiti:


Yard Sale

Spring cleaning is about to get into full swing. As you look for ways to downsize and minimize your life, consider donating your time and resources toward supporting restavek children in Haiti. A yard sale allows you to downsize your belongings, while also raising money for Restavek Freedom and spreading the word about its mission.


Community Cookbook

Gather well-loved recipes from members of your church or community. Put them together in either a print or digital format to sell, and proceeds can go toward ending child slavery in Haiti. Honor the children you are supporting by focusing the cookbook around childhood favorites. As you support Restavek Freedom, you can be reminded of what life should be like for these children.


Business Proceeds

If you own your own business, consider donating a portion of your profits for a specified period of time toward Restavek Freedom. Not only does this give you the opportunity to give toward ending child slavery, it also helps to advertise to others in your area. As a business owner who is looking for ways to be a good steward, investing some of your profits to end slavery in Haiti is a good way to give.


Social Media

One of the best ways that you can contribute to the Restavek mission is to spread the word. Word-of-mouth has always been a powerful way of advertisement. Social media makes this method so much easier. Share blog posts, donation links and statistics from the Restavek Freedom website to make other people aware of the issues. Join the Defender Project to receive quarterly emails and ideas on how to help raise awareness and defend the victims of human trafficking and child slavery.


Get Active

Schedule a 5K with your community, or find a local race that allows you to choose a non-profit to support. Restavek Freedom is a trusted 501c3 nonprofit organization and your donation is tax deductible. As you get healthier, your running, biking, walking, or swimming can raise funds that go toward Restavek Freedom.



Many online retailers will allow you to select a non-profit that can benefit from a percentage of your shopping. If you sign up ahead of time, you don’t even have to pay attention while you shop. Your purchase will automatically go toward the end of child slavery in Haiti. Amazon Smile is one such product. You can register so that a portion of your proceeds goes to Restavek Freedom for everything you buy on Amazon.


Join Us

At Restavek Freedom, we are dedicated to ending child slavery in Haiti. We have committed our work and our influence to 1) freeing children from isolation, exploitation and abuse, 2) educating and engaging with families so children do not end up as slaves, and 3) transforming hearts through national outreach efforts that empower change. Founded in 2007, we have a strong Haitian-led team working throughout Haiti, with staff based in Port-au-Prince and Port Salut, as well as a small support staff in Cincinnati, Ohio. Donate now, sponsor a child, and join us today and to play a part in ending child slavery in Haiti.