songs for freedom

From the farthest reaches of the north and south, to the edges of the country in the east and west, Songs for Freedom has now spanned the entire country of Haiti! Our second season of this immensely popular singing competition, dubbed “Haiti Idol” by NPR, has completed all 10 regional competitions in every part of Haiti.

Next stop: the Grand Finale in Port-au-Prince!

Contestants from each region write original songs addressing the issue of restavek and compete in the National Soccer Stadium for a grand prize. What is most encouraging is these contestants are so excited to stand as Restavek Freedom ambassadors who speak up for the exploited and abused children in Haiti. Together, they are calling for a “Haiti without restavek!”

“After attending this competition, my heart is transformed… I thought it was normal for a child working at home to be treated with harshness and brutality, but now I understand it is urgent to change my attitude.” – Songs for Freedom attendee

Our reach extends even beyond those who physically attend, as over a dozen radio stations have broadcast our competition throughout Haiti!

We have already seen exciting transformation in the lives of contestants and attendees alike, and the Grand Finale will reach the biggest crowd yet, with up to 20,000 anticipated attendees.

Thank you for standing with us to reach the entire country of Haiti with this creative way to transform hearts and minds and empower Haitians to be agents of change in their community.

How much would you GIVE to make this a reality FOR a child in slavery?

“My mother was abusing a child in the home. In a way I was her accomplice because I said nothing. After participating in this competition, my consciousness awoke and I spoke to my mother… Now this child knows a new beginning and her life is transforming!”
– A Songs for Freedom contestant

That is one more child who will no longer suffer abuse. All because of Songs for Freedom!

Would it surprise you to know that only $10 allows us to reach one more person through our innovative Songs for Freedom competition? Music reaches people like nothing else, and your $30 gift means three more people will engage with the message that children need freedom, dignity, and love.

We want to reach 20,000 people, and you can experience the joy and fulfillment of playing a critical part! Visit to donate now and help build a Haiti without restavek, one person at a time.