The cuisine of Haiti is as diverse as the history of the country itself, resulting in restaurants that specialize in everything from zesty creole dishes to sophisticated French fare. Although it has dwindled as of late, tourism has always been a key source of income for Haiti, and the island nation hopes to rebuild itself as a top Caribbean vacation spot. One of the best ways to support children in Haiti is to spend money on the island through tourism and patronage.

If you’re planning a trip to Cap-Haïtien or Port-au-Prince, stop into one of the following restaurants to experience the unique fare and warm hospitality of the island of Haiti


Papaye – Port-au-Prince

To experience the fresh, seasonal tastes that Haiti has to offer, stop into Papaye in Port-au-Prince. Generally believed to be the city’s best restaurant, Papaye has a fresh menu that focuses on both French food and Caribbean fusion. Regulars recommend you try the fish, the duck, or one of their crispy seasonal pizzas.

Lakou-Lakay – Milot

Lakou-Lakay (which means “our home” in Haitian Creole) is more than just a delightful place to enjoy a meal. This facility doubles as a hotel and Haitian cultural center, focusing on dance and music workshops for children and adults. In the restaurant itself you’ll find delicious local fare prepared by owner Etienne, who owns and manages this property which she inherited from her grandmother.

Quartier Latin – Petionville

For a classic French experience in the heart of Haiti, take a seat at Quartier Latin. This classic brassier is the ideal stop for brunch and often offers live music in a delightful local ambiance. If you’re looking for a gift to commemorate your trip, check out their lovely boutique.

Magdoos – Port-au-Prince

For a surprising and delicious Middle Eastern experience in the capital of Haiti, grab a seat at Magdoos. This popular restaurant specializes in tapas and Lebanese food and the owners source and grow many ingredients locally.

Portofino – Petionville

Lauded as one of Haiti’s top restaurants, this Italian bistro offers a Haitian spin on Italian food with exquisite wood-fired pizzas and seafood pastas. The ambiance is cozy and the service has been rated as highly as the food. Finish your meal with a creamy gelato before heading out in the warmth of an island evening.


The people of Haiti have a rich and intrepid story, evidenced in their cuisine, art, and culture. Sadly, this freedom of expression and access to adequate nutrition is not the case for every citizen of Haiti. Many children end up as child slaves due to a systematic lack of food and shelter across the island. Although their families of origin believe they are sending their children to better lives, they often end up overworked, without any time to play or learn.

Restavek Freedom is one of the top charities at work on the island, fighting to put an end to child slavery in Haiti. Our focus includes intervention for children in need, child advocacy support, and educational programs for community leaders. You can support this crucial work through creative fundraising, child sponsorship, and by raising awareness for the plight of child slaves. Click here to learn more about how you can partner with Restavek Freedom and free the children of Haiti to play a role in the culture of their people.