Are you planning a trip to Haiti? Be sure to take time to see Haiti’s beautiful natural wonders with an outdoor adventure!



If you’ve never been diving before, this is an experience that you don’t want to miss. You’ll find Haitians offering courses in free diving and scuba diving in popular tourist spots. You can enjoy a wide range of underwater activities, from photographing the undersea scenery to even hunting lionfish with a harpoon.

If you’d rather stay dry while your traveling companions take to the waves, many of the diving providers will allow you to lounge about on the boat while sipping a refreshing drink or simply enjoying the view from above.



Speaking of boats, if your entire party would rather just stick to floating above the crystalline sea, book a boating excursion. You can find tour guides ready to take you and your crew from the shore and out to several islands off the coast where you can even get out, dip your toes in the beautiful white sands, or even visit a lighthouse and other notable spots.


Zip Lining

For an even better vantage point, see Haiti from a bird’s eye perspective while zip lining over the treetops with stellar views of the beach and the ocean. A safe and easy activity for travelers of all ages, you won’t want to miss this bucket-list itinerary item available via tour providers near most popular resorts and the cruise port.


Jet Skiing

Feel the wind in your hair as you speed across the waves on your very own jet ski. If you’ve always wanted to rent one of these zippy little cruisers, there’s no better place than off the shores of Haiti. Many of the major resorts and cruise ports provide jet ski rentals, which are appropriate for most travelers of varying skills and ages. Beyond the fun of jumping waves on your own jet ski, you’ll also be treated to beautiful views of the coast from afar, including resorts, beach homes, mountains, and other scenery.



The mountains of Haiti provide breathtaking views, but getting to the top is the real adventure. Hire a guide and wind your way through the beautiful scenery, crossing dirt roads and traversing dense jungles. It might be a strenuous and challenging experience, but it’s well worth all the sweat. This is one adventure you’ll want to schedule for the morning to avoid the afternoon heat.



If the idea of getting away from the shore and into Haiti’s more rugged mountains appeals to you but you’re not sure you want to take this challenge on foot, maybe an ATV or off-roading tour is more your style. Head up to Kay Piat and see Haitian villages along the way. You can even stop by for a refreshing swim in the natural pools!


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