Engage your family in learning about restavek, the system of child slavery that exists today in Haiti. We are encouraged by your heart for children in Haiti and your desire to teach students about this form of modern-day slavery and how to stand up for those affected.

We have designed five attention-grabbing, interactive activities for students, along with a sixth “How You Can Help” challenge activity. These activities were created with three main objectives in mind:

1. Educate students about Haiti and about the restavek system
2. Encourage students to empathize with children living in modern-day slavery
3. Inspire students to engage in standing up for children living in restavek

The first two activities provide students a basic introduction to Haitian culture and the Haitian Creole language. The next two activities promote reflection and discussion of the restavek system, encouraging students to think about what it would be like to live as a child in restavek. The final activity helps students think creatively about what they can do to stand up for children living in this form of modern-day slavery. You may pick and choose which activities to complete, depending on the time available, and activities may be adjusted for use with large or small groups.


If you have any questions about these activities, please contact [email protected]