November 25, 2022

Imagine being nine years old and being unable to go to school. Not because you can’t afford your uniform, and not because you don’t have anyone to take you – but because gunfire and gang activity have made the streets too dangerous to go outside, and to keep everyone safe, school has been indefinitely delayed.

This is the reality in Haiti right now.

For the past 15 years, friends like you have helped us pave the way to freedom for children in restavek through the opportunity of education. But right now, the entire country of Haiti is looking directly into the eyes of a full-blown humanitarian crisis – and as gang violence and political unrest rage on, concerns about inflation, food and fuel shortages, and safety continue to climb. The fear and isolation once felt by children in restavek now grips every man, woman, and child across Haiti.

But you can take action to help right now.

With support from friends like you, Restavek Freedom is doubling down in our efforts to ensure the safety and security of the children and communities we serve. Our child advocates are checking in on each child to make sure they are safe, meeting with them in person when it is possible and connecting by phone when it is not. Our Justice Trainings are pressing forward with their largest enrollment ever, offering community and cultivating hope amid uncertainty and fear. And while our staff has had to limit their trips to the office to protect their personal safety, solar efficiency has enabled our seven regional learning centers to remain open and as operational as possible amid the nationwide fuel shortage.

Our teams in the US and in Haiti are working tirelessly to respond to the ever-changing crisis and provide critical aid to the communities we serve, but we cannot do this without your help. Now more than ever, the people of Haiti need support from determined hearts like yours – hearts that make all the difference when hope feels scarce.

Will you make your donation today?

Everything in Haiti is uncertain right now, and we are constantly adapting to respond to the most urgent needs. But through this storm, our mission remains steadfast, anchored in the belief that every child should be free.