Our Staff

We are advocates, community leaders, reporters, volunteers, students and parents. Most of all, we are people that love the children of Haiti.

Restavek Freedom was founded in 2007 and we now have over 30 employees in two main locations in Haiti – Port-au-Prince  and South Haiti – and a small support staff in the US in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Haiti Staff


National Director of Church Mobilization

Bilda serves as our National Director of Community and Church Mobilization. He has served as the National Director of the Bible League and is the President of the Counsel of Evangelical Churches in Haiti (HEEC). He works as a professor of implementation and belief at STEPS seminary in Haiti. In addition to being a theologian, Pastor Bilda is an engineer and has studied anthropology, sociology and ethnology.


Coordinator of Church Ministry

By working with children in restavek,I have learned that we are privileged and fortunate to be given the opportunity to make a difference in their lives and to change Haiti’s destiny. It will be a wonderful day in Haiti when we all come together to celebrate the end of the restavek system, confirming that our labor was not in vain.

Mendelson Cesar (3)


Child Advocacy Coordinator

I have learned so many things from working with children living in restavek: I have grown to understand how they are suffering in their soul, their body and the horrible treatment others give them. Also, I have learned how a simple act of love and compassion makes a big difference in their life.

Too many children are victims of exploitation and have no way to be heard. They need someone who cares enough for them to speak out. These children hold a special place in my heart; that is the reason I stand up for Freedom.


Child Advocate

Falange received her degree in psychology from the State University of Haiti.  She has worked as a child psychologist and is certified in psychotherapy. Falange is passionate about caring for children who have experienced trauma and who are in difficult situations such as restavek and ending the mistreatment of children.



Child Advocate

I want to stand up for freedom because I think in the 21st century no one is supposed to be enslaved. I want to say no to all forms of abuse restavek children are undergoing, and to bring my contribution in eradicating this system.

Through my work with restavek children, I have learnt how much hope it brings to a restavek child to be given attention and love. It makes them feel happy.

Mackenson Edma


Child Advocate

Mackenson received his degree in Language Science from the University of Haiti. Prior to working with Restavek Freedom, he worked as a researcher at the university and in customer service. Mackenson has a heart for children and wants to see an end to the restavek system.

Mackenson shares, “I am thankful for everyone who is helping us fight the restavek system. We at Restavek Freedom will keep on fighting to support the children. Each time I see hope in a child’s eyes, I am motivated to keep on in this battle to improve the lives of children in restavek and give them freedom.”


Accelerated Program Supervisor/Child Advocate

Working with children, helping others has always been my biggest priority. My time working with children through Restavek Freedom has made me realize the importance of the organisation in Haiti, by putting all its resources to end this system in our society and help the children dream of a better future for their lives. This experience allows me to develop healthier relationships with people, has heightened my leadership ability, and gives me a better picture of the living condition of a restavek child. Now, I feel glad that I can help them. It also helps me to exercise my ability by providing psychological and moral support for these children, to change their mentality so that they can see themselves like everybody.


Child Advocate

Jennifer has degrees in both Computer Science and Business Administration from the University of Haiti. In the summer of 2016, Jennifer interned at our summer camp. She did such a great job that she is now part of the Restavek Freedom team! Jennifer is excited to put both her love of children and studies to practice by advocating on behalf of the vulnerable children in her country.

Jennifer has a passion for seeing an end to the restavek system in Haiti and wants each
child to have a better, brighter future.

Samuel Jean Baptiste (3)


Child Advocate

I have learned many things from working with children living in restavek, like the way they are mistreated and the impact that has on their personality.

I want to stand up for freedom because I’m a Haitian who really cares for the kids, especially those who are facing mistreatment. Bringing a smile by supporting them psychologically where they will grow is one of the main reasons.


Office Manager

I stand up for freedom daily as a child advocate for Restavek Freedom. My role is to meet a child, build a relationship and eventually set that child free from the abuses and maltreatment and to bring a radical change to his mind and life. Many times I am in front of children whose situation at home is very terrible, but as a child advocate, I am able to help these children find the best solution, build their self-esteem and give them hope for a future!

Jacquelin Medacier


Child Advocate

Jacquelin completed his bachelor’s degree in Social Work from the University of Haiti. He has experience working with children and adults, and was excited about joining Restavek Freedom and put his experience to practice by advocating on behalf of vulnerable children in Haiti.

Jacquelin has a passion for seeing an end to the restavek system in Haiti and wants each child to have better opportunities in life.

Kettia Nord


Child Advocate

Kettia received her degree in social work from the University of Haiti in 2016. She has previous experience working in raising awareness for sexual violence against children and in community mobilization. Kettia is passionate about working to improve communities and the lives of children who are mistreated.

Kettia is excited to join the Restavek Freedom team to empower children and give them opportunities to grow up in safe environments.


Child Advocate

While working with the children living in restavek I learned a lot about their lives. I have learned that their situation is difficult. They face many bad treatments like physical abuse, sexual abuse, and psychological abuse. Most do not get to go to school. They don’t find love and no one values them. I have learned that they want to be like everyone else; they want to be loved and have dreams for the future. This is why I stand up for freedom and stand up for children in restavek.

Frantso Sagesse


Child Advocate

I’m standing up for freedom because I want to play my part so that every child living in restavek can be free to be a child. I want to be the barrier to stop the system, to protect the physically and emotionally vulnerable. “Stand up, Stand up for Freedom” for every child living in restavek…this is my song.

Robenson Saint Hilaire


Child Advocate

I have learned many things since working here at RFF. The gravity of the restavek system has escaped the understanding most Haitians. The right of the restavek child is nonexistent. Children want loving families, but with their host families most of the time they find abuse, primarily girls. Host families exploit these children. Every Haitian should join the fight in ending the system that reduces our children to slaves.


Construction Manager

I want to stand for freedom and I am glad I get to do that. We are all equal and it is unacceptable for some people to be free and some not. My hope is that more people will stand up and speak out so that this system will end. A little bit of caring goes a long way.When we start working with these kids they are very closed off but we as they begin to trust us they really begin to grow.


Child Advocate

Working with children living in restavek has made me learn how to be more patient and loving. That’s the kind of person you need to be to work them, and I think God put me here to become the person He wants me to be.

The Restavek system is slavery. In slavery you find suffering, physical and emotional abuse, and also immorality. God create us to live free. That’s why I want to stand to protect the children who can’t protect themselves and build another future for Haiti without the restavek system.


Southern Haiti Staff

I want to stand up for freedom because slavery is not something we have just in the past; we have that now. So the reason I would like to stand up for it is because I would like things to changed in Haiti.

U.S Support Staff


Executive Director

Joan leads all of the operations and programming and splits her time between the US and Haiti. She was a co-founding family of Cincinnati Hills Christian Academy. She also led Go Cincinnati for several years, coordinating 2500 volunteers and 100 service projects citywide. Joan received her undergraduate degree in Education from Lee University and a graduate degree from University of Cincinnati.


CFO/Child Advocacy Director

Camilla has been part of Restavek Freedom for 13 years and leads the financial management of the organization. She concurrently leads the Child Advocacy program through frequent visits to Haiti and close contact with the field leadership. Camilla has a BS in Biology from Lee University and has held teacher certifications in 4 states, in addition to extensive financial management experience.

amy nemeth


Director of Advancement and Engagement

Amy works to engage as many people as possible in the mission to end child slavery in Haiti in our lifetimes. She has a background in communications and fundraising, working with churches and nonprofits on both a small, local level and a broad, global scale. She has a Bachelors of Journalism from University of Missouri and is the mom of two teenage boys.

emily vilardo


Communications Specialist/Graphic Designer

Emily graduated from Asbury University in 2006 with a BA in Fine Art/Design. Emily started working with Restavek Freedom in November 2011, and she couldn’t be happier. Each child deserves an education and to be loved and cared for, and she feels blessed to be a part of an organization that stands up for that freedom.


Child Sponsorship Coordinator

Kaitlyn graduated from Northern Kentucky University in 2016 with a BA in Marketing and Business Administration. Shortly after graduation, she and her husband worked and lived in a children’s home in Haiti for 7 months. While working in Haiti, Kaitlyn researched and became passionate about economic development and family preservation. She is proud to be working with an organization that she believes in and that stands up for vulnerable children in Haiti.

Savanna Lewis


Finance Coordinator

Savanna has worked in office administration for over 10 years, including extensive work in finance. Having a strong background in small business, Restavek Freedom proves to be a perfect fit. As a mother she has a great appreciation for the cause, and she believes no child should have to live in fear or be a piece of property. Savanna believes it is every child’s right to have freedom, love and the power of knowledge.