Children Have Hope
A Generation Transformed
A Country Thriving

Right now there are children in Haiti stuck in a generational system of slavery.

These children are called “restavek” and are hopeless and alone—invisible.

“You are not hopeless.
You are not alone.
I see you.”
– Frantso, Child Advocate

Like you, we believe every child
deserves the freedom to grow and learn.

Lives Impacted

“Thank you, thank you because you have changed my life and given me hope. I am alive today because you found me.”

-Myou*, in our Child Advocacy Program

Our Impact

impact on a child
Children Sent To School
american idol
Adults Engaged to Stand Up for Freedom
radio drama
Reached Through Awareness

100% of your donation goes directly to programs to end child slavery.

The Plan
Why Restavek Freedom?

We want every donor to:

  • See the impact of your gift.

  • Feel connected to our family.

  • Know you are helping without hurting.

  • Be a part of solving a systemic problem by addressing the root issue.

  • Understand you are changing lives.

  • Know your donation is put into action.

  • See how we greatly appreciate you.

  • Have confidence your donation is invested well.


You can give freedom and hope to a child trapped in slavery. For $40/month or $480/year, you’ll bring FREEDOM from isolation, illiteracy, and despair.

Join With Us

Don't leave a child stuck in slavery. Don't leave a child hopeless and alone.

Together we are working hard so every child

You can make an impact and help end child slavery in Haiti.

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