Education Brings Freedom

By Mathia Pierre Philipe, Child Advocate It is hard for me to pick just one child’s story to tell. I have been working for Restavek Freedom for almost a year, and I have met so many [...]

The Best Way To Transform A Child’s Life

By Marie Yolaine FLORESTAL Restavek Freedom has started a second Accelerated Learning Program (ALP) in Carrefour Feuilles this year! Children ages 10-17 who have been living in the restavek system and have never been able [...]

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We are advocates, community leaders, reporters, volunteers, students and parents. Most of all, we are people that love Haiti.

Restavek Freedom was founded in 2007 and we now have over 30 employees in two main locations in Haiti – Port-au-Prince and South Haiti – and a small support staff in the US in Cincinnati, Ohio.

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We commit to stewarding all donated resources with the same efficiency, effectiveness, and passion we apply to the funds we ourselves commit.

We are a trusted 501c3 not-for-profit organization proud to be among the industry leaders in low overhead, and all of our fundraising and administrative costs are funded by private donors, allowing for 100% of your donation to go directly to programs.


Our Audited Financial Statements and 990’s are publicly available on our website. To access these, please fill out the form below to obtain the link for this information.

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We’re building a coalition of organizations – ranging from small local nonprofits, foundations, businesses, and churches to major international NGOs and governments – who are passionate about eradicating restavek. Fifteen years ago, even saying the word restavek violated social taboo. Now, there are conversations about the practice taking place all over Haiti and around the world, every single day.

By engaging with other groups, we’re making sure that any conversation about Haiti’s future includes this mantra: Child slavery must end. We appreciate each of our partners helping to make that a reality.


If you had a login on our old website, prior to January 2017, please use the link below to access that site.  If you did not already have a User ID and Password, this legacy system would not have your information. Please call us if you have any questions: 513.475.3710.  Clicking the link below will open a new window. Thank you!

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