Children are in need of a Freedom Sponsor

Sponsor a child today and give freedom and hope to a child trapped in slavery or at high risk of being sent into slavery. For $40/month or $480/year, you’ll provide a child with a Child Advocate to support and love that child. Furthermore, you’ll provide tuition, books, and a uniform!

If you you are already a sponsor and would like to update your giving information, please go here. You can also donate a single gift or honorary gift here, or donate stocks or securities.

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Restavek Freedom’s Child Sponsorship program.

100% pledge - Donate or Sponsor a Child

100% of your donation goes directly to support this child, because all administrative costs are covered by private donations.

Sponsor a child and help end child slavery in Haiti
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Experience the Joy of Freedom!

As a sponsor, you’ll receive quarterly email updates on your child, and you will also receive an annual card in the mail made by your sponsored child and their advocate. In addition, you’ll have regular opportunities to engage by supporting the child or advocate in creative ways!

Our sponsorship program is unique in that it serves children in the midst of a human trafficking and child labor crisis. As a sponsor, you will therefore truly be transforming a child’s life, and you will give freedom to those who need it most!