Education Brings Freedom

By Mathia Pierre Philipe, Child Advocate It is hard for me to pick just one child’s story to tell. I have been working for Restavek Freedom for almost a year, and I have met so many [...]

The Best Way To Transform A Child’s Life

By Marie Yolaine FLORESTAL Restavek Freedom has started a second Accelerated Learning Program (ALP) in Carrefour Feuilles this year! Children ages 10-17 who have been living in the restavek system and have never been able [...]

Overcoming Obstacles

Lancia’s* life had been difficult. Her living situation had always been bad, ever since she was a little girl. She had to do all of the household work, didn’t have a stable place to live [...]

Staff Spotlight: Daniel Fontil

Daniel Fontil is one of our fantastic Child Advocates in Haiti! He has a huge heart for children and for his country. Get to know Daniel! How did you first hear about Restavek Freedom? At [...]

Statistics About Life in Haiti

The island of Haiti has seen its fair share of hardships throughout history, the repercussions of which can still be seen in some of the country’s current circumstances. Even while Haitians work hard to make [...]

4 Myths About Child Slavery

Hands of a restavek-boy, injured while working at the house of his “owners”. Kwadèbouke School of the Institute for Human and Community Development (IHCD), Port-au-Prince. It’s heartbreaking to consider that in a time [...]

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