When Going To School Is A Dream

By Frantso Sagesse, Child advocate Joseph is a little boy who lives in a tent with his aunt, grand-mother, two brothers and one sister. He has never known his parents. One day, his aunt became [...]

How a Database Can Save Children

By Amazan Amos, Database Coordinator A few months ago, a family in Haiti lost their child. They searched everywhere, asked everyone, but could not find him. Their anxiety was palpable when they entered the office [...]


Samuel is a smart boy who entered Restavek Freedom (RF)’s Child Advocacy program in November 2011. When he started, he was in he was in 3rd grade.  He has worked hard and now he is [...]

Using My Gifts to Give Freedom

Shellie Santiago is a mother of two in eastern Pennsylvania who has a found a way to sponsor children in restavek through her artwork.  Her home church has partnered with Restavek Freedom for years through [...]


Have you ever been told, either through words or by someone’s actions, that you were seen as priceless? The stark reality for victims of human trafficking and child slavery is they are told the [...]

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