Using My Gifts to Give Freedom

Shellie Santiago is a mother of two in eastern Pennsylvania who has a found a way to sponsor children in restavek through her artwork.  Her home church has partnered with Restavek Freedom for years through [...]


Have you ever been told, either through words or by someone’s actions, that you were seen as priceless? The stark reality for victims of human trafficking and child slavery is they are told the [...]

Motivated to Learn

Robert is 22 years old. While he is no longer a child, he is still in our program and his story is one of success. Twelve years ago during the summer, Robert was sent to [...]

Education, A Weapon of Hope

The education of young people, especially in underdeveloped countries, is considered to be a main key to open the door to the future. This is why when we want to measure the level of development [...]

3 Ways Trauma Changes a Child’s Brain

Throughout Haiti and in other marginalized areas of the world, systematic problems exist on a catastrophic level and are incredibly complicated. Specifically in Haiti, harsh economic conditions, the blind eye of government, and extreme poverty [...]

Education Brings Freedom

By Mathia Pierre Philipe, Child Advocate It is hard for me to pick just one child’s story to tell. I have been working for Restavek Freedom for almost a year, and I have met so many [...]

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