This month, we are happy to spotlight one of our wonderful staff in Haiti, Pastor Mendelson. Pastor Mendelson oversees the Child Advocacy Program and manages our team of Child Advocates.  He has a great heart for people, and a contagious compassion for children. Enjoy getting to know him and see why we are so glad to have him on the team!

How long have you worked for Restavek Freedom?

Since July 21, 2014

How did you first hear about Restavek Freedom?

I first heard about Restavek Freedom at a conference for pastors called Compassion & Courage, which I was invited to in Haiti.

What languages do you speak?

Creole, French and English

What is one NEW thing you have learned through your job?

I already had a passion for people in need, but I have learned more about the people who support them and have a heart for these people.

What do you like most about your country (Haiti)?

I love how hospitable people in Haiti are!

What is one thing people might not know about Haiti?

People might not know the good things about Haiti…they may only hear bad news about Haiti.  They also might not think about the nice temperatures we have here, the pretty beaches…

What do you wish most for Haiti?

I wish for peace, justice, and human life to be respected in Haiti. And I wish that Haiti would become prosperous, and that people would love each other like Jesus did.

What do you wish most for children living in restavek?

That they would be free.

What most motivates you in your job?

I’m motivated by the mission of Restavek Freedom, to release children from restavek and to end the restavek system. I hate it. I want to one day see all of the children be free from restavek.

What is the wisest advice you have been given?

To have self-control in order to make good decisions.

What do you think is the most important characteristic of a leader?

I believe the most important characteristic of a leader is integrity.

What is one thing you’d like to accomplish in your life?

I would like to be part of ending the restavek system, and to help those around me know Jesus.

If you could meet anyone famous who would it be?

I would like to meet Rick Warren (the author of The Purpose-Driven Life/Church).