Lancia’s* life had been difficult. Her living situation had always been bad, ever since she was a little girl. She had to do all of the household work, didn’t have a stable place to live and was often abused. When we met her she had never been to school, so we enrolled her in the first grade; she was 11.

Her life is still hard. She does not have much stability. In any given year she moves at least 3 times, from one house to the next. Sometimes she lives with her aunt, and works very hard but gets food to eat. Other times she lives with her mother, but her mother cannot really take care of her. When I see Lancia it is obvious the difficulty she is going through.

You would think that her difficult life would have a negative impact on her progress in school, but Lancia is very courageous! Despite her difficult life, she continues to make a lot of progress in school and has become more confident of who she is.  The Child Advocacy program has had a huge positive impact on her life. She is now in 6th grade, and will be taking the state exam at the end of the school year. She came from never having been to school, to now making it farther the majority of Haitian students!

Lancia has hope for tomorrow and the expectation of a better life!

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*name has been changed to protect the child