Kathia has graduated High School!

Kathia entered the Transitional House in February 2011. She is a wise, calm, intelligent, affectionate girl who loves school. During all the years spent in the home, she always got strong grades at school, but not without effort. She spent many sleepless nights in order to be successful in her studies. Her teachers consistently congratulated me on Kathia’s exemplary behavior at school. She was respectful, attentive, and a hard worker, always aiming to be among the best. If she felt at fault, she was always first to apologize

This year she finished her classical studies and graduated! We are all so proud of her!

During a celebration we had at the home, the girls got up and each shared how Kathia has been a wonderful role model to them. They shared many stories of how she took care of them when they first entered the home by doing their laundry, helping with homework, and giving them positive advice. She has made an impact on all of them.

Kathia would like to thank everyone who works with and supports Restavek Freedom, who has dreamed of changing the lives of children in restavek in Haiti and putting an end to the system. She would like to thank Joan, with her good heart, who turned her dark future into a promising one filled with light, and to Joyce and the staff of the Transitional House.

As Kathia said so well through these words, “Without the support of Restavek Freedom, I would not be where I am today; they were there when I needed it most.”

Kathia is our first philosopher of the House of Transition. The work does not yet come to end for Kathia. She is going to university, where she can fulfill her dreams of becoming an administrator! Our work has bared fruit. We can be proud of that.

Happy Graduation, Kathia! We are all so proud of you!