Modern day slavery still exists and devastates the lives of more than 20 million people worldwide – including children, sent into slavery because their families are too poor to provide for them. All too often we think that slavery is an “out there” thing that doesn’t affect or impact our suburban neighborhoods. The truth is that where a vulnerable population exists, so do slavery and human trafficking. One of the most important keys to ending slavery is for we who are free to educate ourselves, advocate, and act on behalf of those in bondage.

Gain Knowledge

It’s okay to admit that you don’t know a lot about modern day slavery or how it impacts the lives of millions worldwide. Start there, look online to understand the plight of modern day slaves and what someone like you can do to help. Once you gain awareness, you have one of the most important tools needed to help.

Shop Informed

Many companies use low wage workers overseas in unsafe and unsanitary factories. Sadly, this can sometimes lead to forced labor and child slavery. If you want to ensure your dollars are being spent ethically, do a quick search to check out what your favorite brands are doing to fight slavery. There are ethical businesses worldwide who are doing everything they can to ensure freedom and equal rights at every level of their production, so choose to buy from one of them.

Support Anti-Slavery Organizations

Ending slavery in our lifetime will not only take education, it will take resources. An easy way to start making a difference is to donate to an organization that’s hard at work in the trenches. Top charities like Restavek Freedom have local branches overseas with the cultural knowledge and staff needed to transition slaves into freedom.

Speak Up

If you belong to a local religious organization or nonprofit group, see what you can do to start raising the funds and awareness needed to end slavery in our lifetime. Just by speaking up and  sharing your passion, you can inspire others to make a difference as well.

Be Social

We must advocate the plight of the enslaved, at the top of our lungs when necessary. These days that can mean sharing enlightening articles and organizations on your social feeds to educate those who may not be aware.


One you’ve educated yourself on slavery, take a look at what you can do to help. Volunteer at a local anti-trafficking organization or contact your city services to see what exists for victims of trafficking and slavery in your area. You don’t necessarily have to travel overseas to make an impact.

Child Sponsorship

While children are not the only enslaved population worldwide, they are the most vulnerable and at risk, especially in countries like Haiti where poverty has taken hold. 1 out of 15 children is sent in restavek : given to a host family to help with domestic chores in the hope of a better life. In reality, they become slaves and work endlessly for no pay. Child sponsorship can ensure that kids trapped in the restavek system have access to education and see their basic needs fulfilled.

Restavek Freedom exists to end child slavery in Haiti.  Through its comprehensive approach, Restavek Freedom supports kids and communities to put an end to this system. Join us to contribute to this life saving fight !!