Haiti is known for more than mountain ranges and the best soccer in the Caribbean. Haitian cuisine is some of the greatest, and most eclectic, in the world. Allow us to share our favorites with you!

  1. Fried plantains—The great thing about this dish is that it is not restricted to one specific meal. Instead, it is to be enjoyed as a side to breakfasts, lunches, and dinners. Plantains are the starchier cousin of the banana and are considered a staple to Haitian meals.
  2. Pikliz—This side dish is for all the coleslaw lovers out there. Pikliz consists of pickled cabbage, onions, carrots, peppers, and other vegetables. Grate the veggies, throw them in a white vinegar base, choose peppers at the spice level you can handle, and voila! Pikliz. It’s often served with “Griot,” but if you want to grill up a cheeseburger and have Pikliz as a side, it is just as tasty.
  3. Griot—We can’t mention Griot and then not explain why it’s a favorite for many, and why it will be one of yours too. Griot is fried pork cut into small pieces and seasoned with spices (thyme, pepper, garlic, and rosemary are a few go-tos), so this entree is bursting to the rim with flavor.
  4. Poulet Aux Noix—This chicken and cashew dish is a Northern Haiti specialty. The chicken is cooked in a tomato-based sauce and topped with cashew nuts.
  5. Sos Pwa—Sos Pwa is a bean puree that is typically poured over white rice and served with meat. Stews are common in Haiti, and even though stews seem relatively simple and uncomplicated, they are not dull in flavor. Quite the opposite actually: Haitian stews and dishes are influenced heavily by the flavoring traditions used in African cuisine, which means flavor is often full and intense.
  6. Djon Djon—Unlike the white rice we mentioned above, djon djon is typically served on its own due to the rich flavor. This rice dish is cooked with Haitian mushrooms, so no Sos Pwa topper is necessary.
  7. Kremas—This creamy, often alcoholic drink is served at social events and holiday gatherings. It has the consistency of a milkshake and pairs well with Haitian desserts. Side note: Kremas is equally delicious with or without the rum, so don’t let the alcohol scare you away from trying this one.
  8. Pain Patate—Speaking of dessert, this Haitian sweet potato bread is sure to satisfy your sweet tooth. Top it with a glaze or powdered sugar and serve alongside vanilla ice cream.
  9. Pumpkin Soup—This is one that everyone can appreciate, especially in the fall. You can also add squash and/or meat to this soup to make it even heartier. (Did you know there is a fascinating significance behind Pumpkin Soup in Haiti?  Check out our blog about it!
  10. Spaghetti—You read that right. But wait, it gets better. Spaghetti for breakfast! We always hear that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so make it count by eating a heaping plate of spaghetti as Haitians do!

There you have it, our “Top 10” Haitian dishes we think you must try!

As enthusiastic as we are about Haitian cuisine, we love the people of Haiti even more!  We are passionate about standing up for
children living in restavek, a form of child slavery that affects one in every 15 children in Haiti.

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