“My Child Advocate, Jacquelin, says that ‘children must have fun! It’s the law!’” said six-year old Wikenlove.

“But at home I don’t have the possibility to enjoy this law because I must clean the house, do the dishes, go and fetch the water,” said the little boy. “But my host parent let me go to summer camp because I brought her son, Josue, with me.

“One day at recreation time, I was singing my favorite song called ‘Soldiers’ while I was on the swing in the yard with Josue. Jacquelin asked me to teach him the song. Then he asked me to teach the whole camp! We were on fire with singing and dancing! It became our theme song for the whole week and all my friends and the advocates and the cooks and musicians came and told me I have talent.

“Josue told my host parent about how we sang and played soccer with other kids and made paintings, and it made her happy. She treated me better at home and let us play together sometimes. Summer camp is the best time of my life!

Summer is months of unrelenting work and abuse for most children in restavek. Summer camp is a rare break and an absolute joy for them. For only $60, you can help change the lives of children like Wikenlove. A gift to sponsor Summer Camp for a child means a full belly, time to play and sing and dance without fear, and the opportunity to change how generations of children respect and care for one another. Visit restavekfreedom.org to learn more.