summer camp

Summer camp is just about to start!

But what about those children who can only dream of going to camp? For children in Haiti living in the system of child slavery called “restavek”, camp would be a chance to experience freedom, camaraderie, and fun. You can give these children that chance by partnering with us to host a summer camp tailored to meet the unique needs of children living in restavek.

Natacha, one of our Child Advocates, explained “We know that typical camp games develop kids’ intelligence, build social skills, and help them grow in self-confidence; however, we wanted to take this camp one step further. We want to provide love, attention, patience and joy for these vulnerable children who normally don’t have time for fun.”

You can be a part of making this summer an experience to remember, and TOGETHER we can bring freedom to children in Haiti.

When a child returns from camp, they return changed.  Children who are normally treated as outcasts get to play together and build relationships with the children who normally isolate them. They are loved and treated the same as any other child by our Advocates.  What a powerful message this sends! And $47 is all it costs to send one child to camp.

Our goal is to fully fund 300 children; join us to share FREEDOM by sending a child to camp! Will you join us?