Covid 19 is wreaking havoc all over the world, and our country Haiti is not spared. We are already vulnerable on many aspects, which makes the living conditions of all layers of society more complicated.

As a mentor, I call the children in the Restavek Freedom Child Advocacy program every day to find out how they are and to sensitize them to abide by the principles of not catching the virus.

So, I called Joseph to talk to him and he told me that he had not eaten for three days, and he was suffering from a headache and a stomachache. But he remains convinced that his friends at Restavek Freedom will help him because we are the ones who always show him the only love he has had throughout his childhood. And when I told him that he had a food kit to pick up, he said, “Ma’am, what would I do if you weren’t on the way to me?”

There are many other children in Joseph’s situation, many children in restavek who need support. They are a class of people who are always neglected and do not get food or clean water or treatment when they are sick.  It brings me joy as a mentor to see how Joseph receives the food kit and gives me more courage to do good to the children of our country.

Children all over Haiti are suffering. We are so grateful for all the help you send us.

Kettia, Child Advocate

Children like Joseph are starving in Haiti as COVID-19 ravages the economy. For just $25, you can feed a child and their household for a week.