Stanley and Michelet are two children who live in restavek. Stanley lives with an elderly man who is jobless and sick. Michelet, his friend, lives with and does the household chores for another family.

“The boys’ responsibilities in their houses are fetching water, mopping, cleaning the yard, cooking, going to the market, and doing the laundry.

“Stanley sleeps on the floor by himself because there is only one little bed in the house. Michelet sleeps on the floor too, but he is especially uncomfortable because there are a lot of rats in this home. To make matters worse, he doesn’t have a pillow or a sheet to cover himself.

“During COVID-19, both boys’ living situation was becoming even more difficult since food was scarce.

The area they are living in is not safe and it is too dangerous for me to bring food to them. They called me many times (last week they called me often), and I explained them that because of the violence, I could not come to their area. I was so distressed! But they said, “Mr. Frantso if you want, we can create a strategy and come to meet you in a safe place. Mr. Frantso, we will find a way to come to the Restavek Freedom offices, because we don’t have anything in the house to eat.”

“Even though the street is not good, they started to walk. And when they arrived at a place with transportation, they took a tap tap. They didn’t have enough money, but they called me, I gave them directions to get the office and assurances that I would pay for their transportation.

“When they arrived, I could see how they were tired. But they were determined to meet me, and would not sleep without food.

“Later that day, they returned home and called me. I could hear joy in their voices, and they thanked me and Restavek Freedom over and over.

“When you support a child and donate, you save his life and bring him so much joy. As Stanley’s and Michelet’s Child Advocate, I cannot say thank you enough!

– Frantso , Child Advocate


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