I work as a Child Advocate in Port-au-Prince, but I come from a rural place called Cavaillon. After the earthquake hit on August 14, I went to my family’s home and found that almost all the houses in my community have been destroyed. The people in the mountains have not only lost their homes, but they also lost their animals that provide food. Even the burial sites of our family members have become rubble.

All of these rural mountain areas were terribly destroyed by the earthquake. Without Restavek Freedom, I do not believe any help will arrive there. Where there are no roads, just like in past crises, there is no help. After seeing my neighbors and family, I can say that they need food and a safe place to sleep sheltered from the rain. But I will say that I am most concerned about the children- the children need the support of social workers like Restavek Freedom’s Child Advocates and they need their schools repaired so they can go back to the safety of their routines and being school children.

We will need your support for every step of recovery… Will you help us?

Child Advocate