Y.S. and her grandmother

“It is with great joy that I pick up my pen and write you. Before I start, I greet each person who is part of the Foundation, I hope you are well by the grace of God.

“I am a young orphan you have aided since I was nine years old. When I encountered the foundation, it was the best gift God gave me in that era because I had just lost my mother and father. I thought my life was over and I was in great need of aid. From the first day I met with the foundation my life changed completely. There are many things I don’t need to worry about because you help me with all the details. You pay for my school and you give me uniforms. You give me my books and materials, always well organized. Without forgetting, you remember me every month with money to buy food.

“I give a special thank you to Madame Françoise who enabled me to enter into the program, and a special thank you to Madame Natacha and Mister Frantso who are like a mother and father to me. When they come see me each month, they always chat with me to see how I am, ask how my health is, and ask all the essential questions. They always make me feel comfortable and talk with me to make me feel good. They do my interviews and photos and I enjoy all that very much.

“My friends, I must tell you how good you have been to me as a young girl without mother

Y.S. and Francoise, her first Child Advocate

or father and with a very aged grandparent, who does not work and does not have the means to help me. My conscience has me tell you the organization is my mother, my father, everything for me.

“What touches me most is the aid you gave me in Computer Science despite the doctor’s prognosis, after I went two years without going to school because of the health problem I had. During those years I was always sad to see other children like me who were going to school. Then the foundation helped me and you paid for the computer course for me. I am very pleased now and I am proud of myself and of what I am today because I am a computer scientist. I thank you for that.

“I would have to be very ungrateful to fail to tell you thank you for all the good things you have done in my life. With all I am and all the gratitude I have I tell the organization a thousand thank you’s for everything. They say that a good deed is never lost, but God will repay you for everything you have done for me and for the other children.”



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