By Marie Yolaine FLORESTAL

Restavek Freedom has started a second Accelerated Learning Program (ALP) in Carrefour Feuilles this year! Children ages 10-17 who have been living in the restavek system and have never been able to go to school have the opportunity to complete two grades in one year.

The best way to transform the life of a child and to help them leave the restavek system is education. Education is the most powerful tool that every child needs for his intellectual, social, physical and psychological development. It is also the biggest tool children need to become successful adults; they are the future of society.

The children who entered the new Accelerated Learning Program this year are very excited because they get to learn how to read and write, which has always been a dream of theirs. They are taught all of the important subjects that can transform their lives and will allow them to be successful members of society. One day, Ismael, a new child in the program, expressed his excitement by saying to one of his classmates:

“I am very happy I have the opportunity to be in the Accelerated Learning Program! Now I know many important things. I know how to read and write, and my dream to be a big doctor is going to be able to happen”.

The new Accelerated Learning Program in Carrefour Feuoiilles is very important because it allows children who live in restavek the opportunity to go to school and catch up to their peers. Thanks to ALP, as they learn quickly and make progress in school, their lives start to transform! They are given the education and tools they need to have a bright future.

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