By Mathia Pierre Philipe, Child Advocate


It is hard for me to pick just one child’s story to tell. I have been working for Restavek Freedom for almost a year, and I have met so many amazing children, but at the beginning of this school year I met one child that I find very special.

Sara is 19 years old and in second grade. She lives with her sister. When I met with her the other day, she was very happy to talk to me about the things that concern her, but also how important Restavek Freedom (RF) is in her life.

When I was talking with her, she said to me:

“My father died when I was a little girl and I don’t remember him. Growing up it was only my mother who took care of me. Life was very difficult for my mother, so she sent me to live with my uncle in Port-au-Prince. Unfortunately my uncle did not send me to school and mistreated me, so I returned to live with my mother in the countryside.

When I arrived home in the countryside, I went to school but I missed several months because my mother couldn’t pay the school. In July 2011 my older sister and I returned to Port-au-Prince. A few years later I finally got the chance to be registered in the RF program, I was so excited because my school was paid and I received all the school supplies I needed to go to school. It has been a few years since RF has helped me and I am so grateful because there are so many children who haven’t been given this great privilege. I know so many children don’t go to school because they do not have people to help them. But for me, it’s different. RF changed my life.”

Restavek Freedom staff is truly making a difference in children’s lives. Restavek Freedom makes children who are normally treated like nothing feel special. I am happy to be a part of this team.

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