child slavery

Henry is 18 years old and the third of five children. He lives in a home with 4 other people. In 2012, Henry started the Restavek Freedom (RF) Child Advocacy program in the 7th grade. When he was younger, his uncle used to help send him to school, but after he died there was no one to help. When Henry was enrolled in the RF program, he was so happy! He became one of the many children in Haiti who receive tuition, uniforms, backpacks, school supplies, food etc. each year. Because he is enrolled in school, Henry truly believes his life will be better.

Henry suffers from anemia and always feels pain in his bones and has chronic headaches. Even with everything he suffers from, he is so motivated to keep learning in order to build a better future. Sometimes he is not able to attend the school because of his illness, but he keeps fighting to learn.

Like every other child, Henry has hobbies, like listening to the music, playing soccer, and reading. He is intelligent, generous, and a hard worker. Henry is very shy and calm. It is not easy for him to start a conversation with someone but enjoys the company of others.

In spite of it all, Henry keeps fighting to make his dreams come true. This year he is in the 10th grade. He can hardly believe that the RF program will keep helping him until he graduates! One day, he would like to help others, particularly his family. He would like to be an Agronomist when he grows up in order to help other people in Haiti. Before the RF program, Henry did not believe he was anyone or could become anything. He thanks the RF team for the opportunity they give to children to go to school!

As an advocate for the children, I could not end this story without thanking all the people who donate what they have. Thank you so much! When I consider the way that Henry expresses himself with hope, I am so motivated to keep fighting to improve the lives of children living in restavek.

By Mackenson Edma, Child Advocate