haiti mountains

When you hear news stories about the nation of Haiti, they are rarely positive or uplifting. All too often we hear only of the poverty, child labor, and hunger struggles of Haiti and little to nothing about the positive aspects of this beautiful country. Today we want to take a moment to highlight 5 wonderful things about Haiti that deserve recognition alongside its struggles.


Resilient People

The people of Haiti have been through a lot, from the earthquake of 2010 to the ongoing hunger crisis. The beautiful piece of this often painful puzzle is the spirit of the Haitian people, who rise to the occasion every time they are faced with struggle. The grace and determination of Haiti is something we could all take a page from.


Beautiful Beaches

Once the most popular tourist spot in the Caribbean, Haiti is home to miles of breathtaking beaches and crystal blue waters. In fact, tourism is currently the top money maker in the Haitian GDP and a beach vacation to Haiti can support the country’s economy and help stabilize the island nation.


Gorgeous Mountains

Haiti is home to more mountains than any other spot on the Caribbean, some of which are surrounded by water. This provides tourists a view of the mountains while they lounge beside the ocean, the best of both geographical vistas. Some of the tallest mountains in Haiti are the Pic de Selle, Macaya, Bois Pin, and the Kadeneau mountain peaks.


Delicious Cuisine

Fresh, simple and regional, the cuisine of Haiti draws its flavor palette from the many cultures that have played a role in the country. Haitian cuisine is a Creole blend of French, Spanish, native Taino, and African influences, resulting in fare that is spicy and rustic with a French sophistication.


A History of Freedom

Haiti was the first independent black republic in the world and achieved this by defeating Napoleon and the French colonists, who were using slave labor to grow lucrative crops on the island. The Haitian people managed to overthrow the French at the Battle of Vertiéres at the end of 1803 to become a free country.


The Work of Restavek Freedom

These positive aspects of the nation of Haiti are currently being overshadowed by the poverty and malnutrition on the island. Restavek Freedom is one of the top charities at work on the island and our goal is to end child slavery in our lifetime. All too often, children in Haiti face crippling malnutrition, forcing their parents to send them to live with wealthier families to survive. It is common for these children in need to wind up living as restavekslaves in the homes they are sent to.

Through child advocacy, child sponsorship, community education, and grassroots initiatives, Restavek Freedom is working to end the restavek system in Haiti, ensuring that the children of Haiti have lives that enable them to enjoy and cultivate the best parts of their unique culture. Click here to learn more about the important work of Restavek Freedom and the ways in which you can partner with us to give freedom to children currently spending their most formative years living in restavek.